UK Stock/Fund Quote Problems

If having problems with an online stock or fund, you should look up the stock or fund first on MSN Money to check that the price that Money would obtain is correct. The problem may not be in Money itself, but rather the feed supplying Money. If you're looking for the symbol you need to use, then use the same link. See also Article 170.

If the price lookup is okay on MSN Money, and there is more information than just the price (eg high/low information), then you may have problems in Money. If there is a price on MSN Money but no other information, or the price is missing, then the problem could be due to the feed.

You should look at the Morningstar site for Funds at this point, as they supply to MSN. If the fund is on Morningstar, then contact MSN Money support - see Article 322

If you wish to selectively disable individual prices from downloading, take a look at Article 391.

There are also some feed patches for some of the earlier versions of Microsoft Money on the patches page. For very old versions of Microsoft Money, the feeds may no longer work. You should check this site for more information as FAQ articles will be written for them.

Category: Investment

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