When I download investment quotes, some or none work

The first thing to check, is that for all of the funds you have symbols for, they are all still valid symbols. If you have incorrect ones, this can cause the price updates to not work for some or all of your remaining funds or stocks. You can check these symbols on MSN Money (http://money.msn.com or http://money.uk.msn.com). If you are specifying the symbol with the exchange name (for example, you have a .L on the end of the symbol for stocks on the London exchange), then remove this extension. Money does not need these.

Some older versions (up to about version 2000) only have a limited buffer for quote symbols. In these cases select, half of the quotes and update them, and then select the other half and update them too. Selecting them all in one go will cause the quote price download to fail if there are too many. This shouldn't preclude you checking the stock quote symbols on later versions too, and trying to remove some (if you have over a hundred, then there is a chance that this could cause the issue).

You should also check the option "pick online prices to download" (see also Article 391), which is found in the Portfolio section of the MS Money program. Check to ensure that all the symbols you want to download are selected in there - this is frequently a cause of this problem.

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