Small business applications - Microsoft marketing position

Microsoft Money is a personal finance software application and not an accounting application. Microsoft Money Small Business is designed for sole proprietors who are more likely to want a view of both personal and business finances combined in one application. Microsoft Money Small Business offers easy-to-use tools for invoice management, paying bills and managing business bank accounts, but does not include double-entry accounting.

Microsoft Small Business Accounting is the entry level small business accounting product for businesses that are looking for more functionality than personal finance software. With the addition of SBA in the new Microsoft Office Edition, we are hoping to offer logical steps for customers on a growth path from basic accounting tasks to comprehensive business management.

Microsoft Small Business Financials is for small business customers who have more advanced accounting needs, including advanced inventory management, sales order processing and financial reporting. In addition, Small Business Financials can be further customizable through our network of partners to better fit the more advanced needs of some small business customers.

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