Microsoft comment on Money 2009

The following information was given to a user in the Microsoft Money newsgroup from Microsoft Public Relations on July 28th:

While Microsoft Money Plus continues to be a valuable tool for consumers, the feedback we are hearing is that the incremental updates to the software don’t merit a new product every year.

Given this, Microsoft has decided against releasing a 2009 version of Money Plus. Instead, Microsoft is focusing distribution efforts for Microsoft Money Plus software online via download and discontinuing traditional box sales of the software at retail.

All of the Money Plus products will be avaliable for download on MSN Money, providing the same suite of tools and information, but no packaging means more convenience for the consumer and a greener choice for our environment.
If you have an copy of Money 2006 or 2007 that is currently expiring, this will affect you. The upgrade path is Money Plus for each of these. You can download the Plus version through the links on this article (under the title), or, for a limited time, obtain a boxed version through

A full statement from Microsoft can be found in Article 562.

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