Upgrading to Microsoft Money Essentials

With the Money 2007 and Money Plus releases in the US, there were four products released. Three of them (Deluxe, Premium and Home & Business are products that can be bought either online or in retail packaging.

The fourth is Money Essentials. This product is slightly different from the first three.
  • It is only sold in download format and not as a boxed product.
  • It is intended for new users and not existing users of Money - see the next comment
  • It will not convert older versions of Microsoft Money - so if you have an earlier version which has expired and want to use the same data, do not upgrade to this version!
  • All usage is online, using the 'essential' register (which is found in some other versions). The amount you can do is therefore more limited - you rely on the downloaded data to show your status, not take more detailed control
  • Important: You cannot upgrade a previous version of Money unless it is Essentials - i.e. you cannot upgrade a Deluxe, Premium or Small Business version of Money to Money Essentials
You can find comparisons between the various versions of Microsoft Money 2007 in Article 419.

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