Exporting to Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks requires IIF [Intuit Interchange Format] files to import information, rather than QIF [Quicken Interchange Format] which Money can produce (See Article 235 for more information on QIF).

There used to be a number of converters for QIF to IIF. This list was last checked on 13 December 2020, unfortunately there don't appear to be any available anymore (please get in touch if you find one).

These could be a first step in trying to perform an operation to convert Microsoft Money data into Intuit QuickBooks. Note that you'll need need to export your data as QIF before running any converter if the native Money file is not supported. (See Article 28 for more details on exporting data).

Category: ImportExport

Keywords: Converter, QuickBooks, QIF, IIF, Intuit