Microsoft Money 2005 US Premium

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List (Max) Price:$79.99
SKU:S66-00008 (CD)
S66-00009 (DVD)
Release Date:2004-09-13
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O/S Platforms

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Me
  • Windows XP
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Manufacturer's Description

Microsoft Money Premium 2005 includes everything in Money Deluxe, plus it provides everything you need to help you plan and achieve your long-term financial goals, optimize your investment strategy, and make tax-smart investment decisions. Online connections to thousands of banks and brokerages enable you to automatically consolidate all your financial information in one place--it's never been easier to manage your day-to-day finances and long-term plans and investments.

Plan now--secure tomorrow.
Money Premium 2005 helps you create a comprehensive financial plan, whether you want to accomplish specific financial goals such as buying a home and paying college tuition, or ensure a secure retirement. With the Lifetime Planner and Financial Events Modeler, you have what you need to achieve those goals. Let the Money 2005 Decision Centers help you search for a scholarship, evaluate the best insurance plan, or just start strategizing for the golden years. Whether you're a late starter or an early planner, Money sets you on the right path.

Manage your portfolio like the pros.
Follow your portfolio and invest with confidence
With the Money 2005 Portfolio Manager, you can directly download account information from brokerages nationwide, set up Watch Accounts, and get a quick snapshot of all your investments. It''s easy to track your 401(k), employee stock options, asset allocation, and more. Use the Portfolio Review for an immediate snapshot of your investment portfolio performance, allocation, capitalization, possible tax liability, and risk summary. And you always have the latest market news and research at your fingertips.

Stay on top of investments--wherever you are.
Your Money 2005 portfolio synchronizes with your online MSN Money portfolio, so you can view bank balances, spending analysis, and investment holdings from anywhere--home, work, or on the road. You can even set up MSN Alerts so you can receive up-to date information on your investments via MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, e-mail, or your mobile device.

Take advantage of top-notch capital gains services.
Make tax smart investment decisions
Powerful, integrated GainsKeeper investment tools help you maximize and calculate capital gains while reducing tax liabilities. The insightful GainsAdvisor provides guidance on increasing your portfolio's after-tax performance, so you know the potential tax impact of a trade before you place it. GainsKeeper tracks your cost basis by lot, arms you with trade decision tools, and provides you with a completed Schedule D for tax filing. And the powerful GainsTracker automatically adjusts cost bases and positions, including identification and calculation of wash sales and corporate action events, like stock splits and mergers.

Feature List

  • Personal finance software with award-winning Portfolio Manager
  • Automatically consolidates online financial information
  • Provides essential tools for planning financial future
  • Integrated GainsKeeper for tax-smart investment choices
  • Simplify taxes, maximize savings; achieve financial goals

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