Using the Microsoft Money ID Remover (sanitize.exe) tool

The Money ID Remover (sanitize.exe) tool is found within the hidden directory under the Microsoft Money 2007 & Plus installations (named MNYCoreFiles\sanitize.exe). You will need to turn on the option in Windows Explorer to view protected system files to see it (Tools->Folder Options, select 'View' and uncheck the 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)' option).

To run the tool, double click the sanitize.exe program. You will see a window appear which contains the explanation text above.

Put in the details of the file you wish to process and the destination file name you want and then press the next button. This will bring you to a confirmation page as shown below.

Confirming details of Microsoft Money files to use in the Microsoft Money ID Remover tool (sanitize.exe)

Press 'Process this file' to start. If you have a password, you should be prompted for it, and if the file is in use (for example you have the file open in Microsoft Money), it will tell you and you'll need to close it and restart the tool.

When processed, you should receive a 'congratulations' message.

Congratulations. Identifying information have been 
    removed from the Microsoft (MS) Money file

On opening the file, you can see some of the changes that have been made. In the image below, I've cut part of the bills summary page - note that the Payee names are changed to 'PAYxxxx' where 'x' is a number and the account names are renamed also.

Viewing a file which has been through the sanitize.exe program

For more information on this tool, see Article 430.

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