MT2OFX Statement File Converter

MT2OFX started as a program to convert downloaded files in SWIFT MT940 format (an international standard which is commonplace in some countries, particularly the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland) into OFX so that I could use Microsoft Money with my bank in the Netherlands. In the past years it has grown into a general-purpose program for converting downloaded files with statement information into various standard formats for use with Money, Quicken, AceMoney, MoneyDance etc.

The program provides a framework in which an input file is recognized by one of the plug-in scripts, read into internal data structures and written out in OFX, OFC, QIF or QFX format. The logic for recognising and decoding a particular file format is contained in a plug-in script written in VBScript; this allows for any customisation that you may require. Many scripts are provided in the standard package, including generic QIF, OFC and OFX/QFX handling, so that transformations such as OFC-to-OFX (many Money 2005 users need this if their banks still only provide OFC!!) are possible. The program has built-in facilities for determining the correct payee and transaction category which can assist your financial software with assigning and classifying the transactions.

On completion MT2OFX can automatically launch a program of your choice to import the file into your financial software. By associating a file extension with MT2OFX in Windows, double-clicking the downloaded file can be enough to get the transactions into your financial software.

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Keywords: AceMoney, Quicken, MT2OFX, MT940, SWIFT, MoneyDance