Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC works on older handheld devices, such as those with Pocket PC 2003, it is not supported or written for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

In addition, a Microsoft support employee who works on the Microsoft Money software has confirmed that the Money for Pocket PC software (all versions) does not work on Windows Mobile 5.0.

However, if you're using a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, then some users have given contrary reports, and said that they have gotten it working without any issues.

With regards of the reports of getting the software working on Windows Mobile 5.0, some screenshots are below. The system reported to me was a Dell Axim x51v with an updated ROM of A04.

Example screen from Dell Axim x51v of Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC Dell Axim x51v showing settings page

One reported issue with this is that it doesn't refresh the screen after new transactions. For example, when a new debit is added (for example, gasoline) it never refreshed the screen showing the new amount left in checking until the system was synchronized again.

A second reported issue is that deletes from the mobile device don't always work.

Because of these problems, and as a general tip anyway, if you use this, make sure you have plenty of backups! (see also Article 199 and my backup page).

See also Article 415, relating to Microsoft Money 2007.

If you are looking for software which works on Windows Mobile 5 devices, then see Article 473 and also Article 478.

Thanks to Kenny Mann for information contradicting the Microsoft Money support information

The original version of this article, regarding Pocket PC 2003 SE is now at Article 304

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