Alternatives to Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC

If you've come to this page looking for alternatives to Microsoft Money (ie the boxed/desktop retail version), then see Article 551 and Article 643. This article is about the PocketPC/Windows Mobile software for PDA devices

Microsoft stopped providing Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC from Money 2007 (Article 415), also, there is no software compatible for Windows Mobile 5 devices (Article 219), there is a need to rely on third parties for software which will do the job of keeping a subset of your data on the Pocket PC handheld device.

There are only a couple of programs that directly synchronize with Microsoft Money, and these are listed below:

SPB Finance

Spb Finance is a most comprehensive personal financial manager for Pocket PC. You may use Spb Finance as a standalone expense tracker or as an automatically synchronizing pocket companion for the world's most popular personal finance management software: Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken.

Cash Organizer

Inesoft Cash Organizer 2007 Premium Personal Finance Program can work as a stand-alone program on your mobile device and synchronize financial data with Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken. Access your bank account and credit card balances, budgets, projects and planned transaction anywhere you are. Customizable interactive reports show where your money goes, notifications do not allow to miss out important payments or to get credit limits overflowed. Cash Organizer is everything you need and a bit more.

Ultrasoft Money for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and SmartPhone

Ultrasoft Money makes it easy to keep your Microsoft Money information up to date while you're away from your computer. You can use your Windows Mobile handheld to enter checking, credit card, cash and other transactions while on the move. See Ultrasoft Money for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and SmartPhone.


There are other programs available for Windows Mobile devices, but as far as I can gather, these do not synchronize with the system directly, and typically require a QIF export/import for the data to get into the device.

If you find other software which synchronizes with Microsoft Money, I'll add it on this page

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