Commercial alternatives to Microsoft Money

If you're looking for a program which can handle finances, or budgeting, and do not wish to, or cannot use Microsoft Money, then some of the following programs may be for you:


Not available in all regions, it is the main competition for Microsoft Money. If you're interested in getting the program, then you can download it digitally from Intuit. Intuit provide a number of versions of this software for home and business use.

Personal Accountz

Personal Accountz, also known as PAZ can be obtained in the UK from Amazon. Accountz also have a business accounts package too, known as BAZ. This can also be obtained through Amazon.

I have had some dealings with the company in providing some review of beta versions of their products, and they seem quite responsive to comments and suggestions. Available for Apple Mac OSX 10.3+, Windows Vista/XP and Linux.

Mvelopes Personal

This is an online personal spending management system, which also works on a Mac.

You need a budget (YNAB) Pro

The software is built around Four Rules of Cash Flow. These Four Rules will help you maximize the value of every dollar, get out of debt, save for retirement, and reach your other financial goals. Available in the US from Amazon


Software for the Mac - available from Amazon US


Arixcel Accounts - this is an Excel based program which is currently being offered for free. It does not have all the functionality of MS Money, but it can automatically load transactions into Excel from bank statements and makes it easy for the user to make analysis and budgeting.

Crown Money Map (Previously known as 'Money Matters'), MoneyDance, MoneyBox and MoneySoft. I'm not that familiar with any of these products.

Open Source

Open Source alternatives can now be found on Article 643.


If you are looking for alternatives to Microsoft Money for PocketPC or Windows Mobile Devices, then see Article 473. This article is about the desktop software.

This page is still being updated. Alternatives not mentioned above can be passed onto me via the contact page

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