Money 2007 and Pocket PCs (Windows Mobile)

Microsoft have announced the following conditions for support of Money for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile with Microsoft Money:
  • Money for the Pocket PC will work on versions prior to Win Mobile 5.0 (2005). It does NOT work on Win Mobile 5.0.

  • Money 2007 will not synchronize with any Pocket PC version.

  • Money 2006 will synchronize with Money for the Pocket PC if it is running on a version prior to Win Mobile 5.0.
The second point is probably the one which most people will pick up on, as that means there won't be a new version.

IMHO, this is a great shame. One of the great things about the Pocket PC version was that it was free and useful to be able to enter data on spending when on the move.

If you're looking for the Microsoft software for Money 2006 and earlier, see the Pocket PC Downloads page.

Ultrasoft fortunately stepped in, but their product is not free. See Ultrasoft Money for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and SmartPhone. See also other third party products on Article 473.

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