Windows 8 and Microsoft Money

Windows 8 was released in October 2012. Although this is long after the final releases of Microsoft Money, I have found success in running Microsoft Money on Windows 8.

Under the cover, the software appears to operate as if the operating system is Windows 7. This may mean that you have to run Money in compatibility mode (the recommendation if you do is that you use Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility), but otherwise there are no issues that I have found yet. A previous article on Microsoft Money with Windows 7 can be found at Article 626 - Running Microsoft Money on Windows 7.

I have been running the sunset edition of Money (Article 646) on a Windows 8 upgrade from Windows 7.

Important issue: If you download statements (OFX and QIF) from your bank and do not have Microsoft KB2756872, you will see crashes on import. This patch should automatically download from Microsoft on first installation of Windows, so for most people, will not be an issue. If you've upgraded and started running Money and see this, close Money, update Windows and reboot your machine.

Category: Installation

Keywords: Windows 8, Import, OFX, QIF