Manual transaction matching to bills/deposits entries

If you have bills or deposits in your bills and deposits place in Money, then the program has a feature to ask you whether a manually entered bill/deposit is the scheduled on in the bills/deposits area. You'll see a message pop up, similar to the one below, which allows you to compare the entered one with the scheduled one.

Pop up window shown when Microsoft Money finds a potential match with a manually entered transaction and a scheduled bill or deposit

This allows you to ensure the scheduled bill goes into the system, and you don't end up with two transactions where there should be one.

The matching occurs within a specific date range of the bills/deposits entry. This matching range doesn't appear to be customizable, although I have tried some experiments to determine how far in advance it will prompt you, with the matching suggestion.

Bill TypeApprox. Days
Every Other Week5
Twice a month5
Every four weeks14
Every other month17
Every three months17
Every four months17
Twice a year21
Every other year45

The above numbers are approximate. I couldn't work out whether the program allowed for weekends - on the monthly figures it appeared not to.

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