Converting Microsoft Money data to Intuit Quicken

You might decide you like Intuit Quicken more than Microsoft Money. Because there is no automatic conversion tool within Quicken to convert Microsoft Money files, you'll need to follow the Intuit help on this.

Intuit have an article on converting from Microsoft Money to Quicken, which is referenced below. The conversion will not convert everything - this includes:
  • Loan accounts
  • Budgets
  • Online Account Information
  • Classification 2
  • Planner Information
  • Abbreviations, Comments
In addition, certain other items will require extra steps to be converted:
  • Long Account Names (rename them to new names which are less than 15 characters and don't contain punctuation)
  • Classification Names (rename to less that 15 characters and do not contain punctuation)
  • Securities
  • Stock Splits (these will need to be manually entered)
Relevant additional links: I have not tested any of the Intuit methods. If you are in the UK, be aware that Intuit have withdrawn from the market (Article 103).

If you are looking to convert from Quicken to Money, then see this page.

Note: There is no rush to migrate away from Money - services end in January 2011.

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