MSN UK Money Update 19th January 2006

When Microsoft released an update to MSN Money in the UK on Thursday the 19th January, they managed to 'break' the lower part of the navigation bar for certain parts (investing and planning) of Microsoft Money installations.

The message that Microsoft subsequently put online was:
On Thursday 19th January a new version of MSN Money was released. Unfortunately, this has affected Money in two ways:

As the top navigation in Money is integrated with that of MSN Money, some conflicts have resulted in sub-centre items failing to appear on the Investing and Planning top level navigation. You can access these items from the left bar on the 'Home' page or by adding shortcuts to required items at the top of the screen. Click the 'Shortcuts' button at the top of the screen, select the items you need from the 'Available' list, click 'Add' and 'OK'.

The website update also appears to have affected two of the content modules on the Money homepage, namely "Breaking News" and "Headlines from MSN Money"; content it gets from MSN Money.

We are working on resolving both of these issues and will inform you when we have an update.
As Microsoft say above, the Microsoft Money product is integrated with MSN Money, and so this web update affected the boxed product. This problem occurred irrespective of whether you used the online features or not.

The problem is now fixed.

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