Woolwich Integration into UK Money Products

The Woolwich bank (a UK bank owned by Barclays Bank) announced that they were terminating their support of integrated banking (2-way OFX - see Article 235 for more information on OFX) with Money products on 22nd November 2004. They have neglected to support Microsoft Money since the 2002 version.

Barclays Bank do provide OFX downloads of their statements. This is not an automatic download, but one you will need to initiate from the Barclays.

The Nationwide Building Society continue to be the 'most' integrated of all United Kingdom financial institutions and they continue to support 2-way OFX integration up to the most recent versions of the software. Other UK banks that provide any integration are 1-way banks only.

If you wish to see the list of those banks that Microsoft Money supports in the United Kingdom, see here.

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