Ultrasoft MoneyLink - Read Data in Microsoft Excel

Moneylink is a tool that allows you to use Microsoft Excel to analyze your Money data. It is a one-way process - you can import the data from Money into Excel, but you cannot change the data in Excel and then expect that to be reflected in MSMoney. This is because of data integrity issues - the Ultrasoft Excel Add-in does not have any write access to the Money File.

Moneylink has been provided by a company called UltraSoft since Money 98 was released. Money 99 and 2000 had Moneylink on the CD with the MSMoney software. The software is downloadable from either the manufacturer or from the Moneylink download page on this site..

You can choose your Money data file on a per excel file basis, by choosing the file in the Moneylink file selection screen. This needs only to be done once per Excel file, as the tool will remember which file you are using. If a password is required, you will be prompted for it.

Ultrasoft MoneyLink Microsoft Excel Add in window showing how to select Money file

And then choose what type of data you wish to link to. It is possible to have multiple links to the same file within the same Excel file, so you can, for example, access both investment and account data at the same time.

Ultrasoft Moneylink Microsoft Excel Add in image showing available import options

Keeping the data up to date is easy. Press one of the options on the Excel toolbar. The first option is the one to open a Money file, second is to refresh the MoneyLink imported data that is currently being selected and the third option will update all Moneylink data in the Excel workbook.

Ultrasoft Moneylink options to get and refresh money data in Microsoft Excel

Moneylink tends to be released a few weeks after a Money version has been released. Ultrasoft in the past have produced three versions - for English versions of Microsoft Money, for French versions and for Japanese versions.

Ultrasoft also create software to synchronize Microsoft Money with Palm O/S Devices - see Article 84.

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