Ultrasoft Money - the equivalent to Money for the Pocket PC for Palm Users

For Palm users, there is a product called Ultrasoft Money, which might be the thing you are looking for. This is from the same company who make the MoneyLink Excel Add-in (Article 30).

Ultrasoft Money is a Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC equivalent for Palm OS Handheld devices, and there are versions that work with Microsoft Money 98 and later.

Note: Ultrasoft have announced a Pocket PC client to complement the Palm version - see Article 478.

Ultrasoft Money is much more functional than Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC. With this program, you can manage your recurring bills and deposits, use multiple currencies and track a budget. In addition, you can view reports. All of these are not possible on Money for the Pocket PC.

I have no experience of this product as I have a pocket pc, not a palm. If anyone wants to donate a palm (or any PDA), then I am willing to take it off their hands :-)

Ultrasoft provide a fully functional trialware program and you can use it for 30 days before you need to register it. Some product features are listed below.

The data you enter into Ultrasoft Money can be synchronized directly with Microsoft Money, and much of the data contained in Microsoft Money can be downloaded and updated on your Palm OS handheld computer:
  • up to 15 "everyday" bank accounts (version 2 and earlier only*; version 3 and 4 have no limit)
  • most types of transactions: checks, withdrawals, deposits, transfers, etc.
  • split transactions, including paychecks
  • "memorized" transactions for auto-completion of entries
  • scheduled bills and deposits
  • categories and classifications
  • multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • statement information and account reconciliation
(*) If you have more than 15 accounts in your Microsoft Money database, you can choose to synchronize only your "favorite" accounts.

The program also will synchronize with Microsoft Money on the desktop, so there is no need to import or export data, and the accounts are always up to date. In addition, there is a version which will allow you to synchronize the same Microsoft Money file with two Palm devices.

You can obtain more information on Ultrasoft Money, and download a trial version, or purchase a copy for your Palm OS Device at http://www.ultrasoft.com/money/. In addition, Mike Featherstone provided a customer overview of the software, and that can be found at Article 421.

Note, Ultrasoft Money does not work on a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device.

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