Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2006 US Versions

The features of each US 2006 version are listed in the table below. This feature list is based on the marketing information from Microsoft. Some of the free financial services that are offered are detailed at the bottom of this page. System Requirements can be found at Article 207.

Effortlessly manage your financesStandardDeluxePremiumSmall Business
Balance your checkbook (1)xxxx
Automatically track spendingxxxx
View charts and reportsxxxx
Free technical support (3)1 year3 year3 year3 year
Free financial services  $249 value$369 value
Improve your financial picture
Manage credit and debt xxx
Forecast your cash flow xxx
Financial Event Modeler xxx
Plan for retirement and other goals xxx
Manage taxes and investments
Transfer data to tax preparation software (2)xxxx
Estimate taxes and find hidden deductions xxx
Estimate tax withholding xxx
Manage 401(k) and asset allocation xxx
Make tax-smart investment choices*  xx
Automate Schedule D tax reports*  xx
Minimize capital gains taxes*  xx
Run your small business
Create estimates and invoices   x
Generate business reports and graphs   x
Manage payroll online*   x
Track Schedule C items   x
Monitor accounts receivable   x

1. Internet-based services available for two (2) years after activation of Microsoft Money 2006 or September 1st, 2008, whichever is earlier.

2. Microsoft Money 2006 Standard exports to any tax preparation software product that can read tax (.txf) format and Microsoft Money files, including TaxCut® and TurboTax®.

3. Local and long-distance telephone toll charges may apply.

In addition:
  • The Deluxe version gives you a credit report and one-year credit monitoring from Experian
  • The Premium version gives you the Experian offer, plus Gainskeeper for managing capital gains, H&R Block DeductionPro software for tracking donations, Moonjar Moneybox to teach your child about money and a special offer on checks and forms from Deluxe.
  • The small business gives you everything mentioned so far, plus one year online payroll from PayCycle
See Article 428 for more details.

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