Multiple currency investments with hleOfxQuotes

When using hleOfxQuotes and Money (see article 651) everything works well until you download a file which contains investments in more than one currency. What then happens is the value of the investment appears to have been converted into GB Pounds but the currency left alone, this means a download of say $1 becomes $1.60 in Money.

The OFX file that is created is correct - it shows the price in the correct currency and having the correct value, but when imported into Money, Money uses the base currency of the account, rather than the investment, and then revalues the price but leaves it in the same currency.

The workaround is slightly awkward in that you would have to have a 'watch' investment account for each different currency you hold investments in in Money, as if the investment account has the same currency as the investment, the problem does not manifest itself.

If you want to download stocks in a second currency, you will need to set up a second watch account and then do two downloads - one for each currency.

Two run hleOfxQuotes for different currencies, you would need to run it with a different 'OFX Account Id' (See Edit->Quotes->OFX Account ID) as this identifier tells Money which account it will download the OFX into. You will need to check this each time you run the program (running hleOfxQuotes from a separate folder doesn't help, as the ID remains the same wherever you run it from).

However, one plus side of this is that as the second currency may not be GB Pounds, you could use Yahoo to get your quotes which is a far simpler mechanism of using hleOfxQuotes.

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