MSN Money Site Update - 17 November 2006

The MSN Money site, which Microsoft Money links to, was updated on 17th november 2006.

Some of the updates were the following:
  • New and improved stock charts: Charts now provide more ways to evaluate stocks that you're considering. Larger charts, several technical indicators and evaluation methods such as Bollinger Bands, Price Channels, Moving Average Convergence/Divergence and Stochastic Oscillator are also added.
  • New quote pages: Quote detail pages include a better news area with three sections: recent news, press releases and MSN Money editorial commentary.
  • Quote watchlist: A new Quote-watchlist home page is added, to make it easier to track your important stocks. In addition, the Quote-watchlist area of both the MSN Money home page and the MSN Money Investing page is improved with more data columns, customizable views, sorting, inline views and foreign currency support.
  • Personalized news with My News: My News is news content based on your latest quotes. When you look up a stock symbol, that stock is stored in Your Latest Quotes. MSN Money will now deliver news on stocks you are interested in.
You can always send feedback on the MSN Money site to this email address.

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