How to export a report to Microsoft Excel

MS Money provides a user with the ability to export reports into Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet programs). This can be achieved by right clicking on the report (Microsoft Money 98 and later), and then choosing the Export option (to CSV).

The exported file can then be read by Excel. To do this:
  • Start Microsoft Excel and open a new workbook
  • Click on the Data menu and select 'Import External Data'
  • Browse to the file you saved from Money and then click Import
  • There will be a couple of wizard questions, choose the 'Delimited - Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field' option
  • Finish the Excel wizard.
In some versions, Excel may start up automatically with the data you have exported once you export the data from MSMoney.

See also Article 30 which is about UltraSoft's Moneylink - a free addin for Excel which reads live Microsoft Money data directly from a file, without the need to export information into a file first.

Category: Reports

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