Customizing the Toolbar

One feature in Microsoft Money is the ability to customize the toolbar. The toolbar is the row of icons across the top of the Money window, which lists some of the functions you might want to use on a regular basis, as seen in the image below:

Microsoft Money Toolbar

If you are wanting to customize this, press the last image which is labelled 'Customize' or 'Shortcuts'. If you see a 'More' button, you can press this instead, and then you should see the option to customize the toolbar.

When you press this, you will see a window with a list of available modules on the left, and those selected on the right. You can then choose which ones you see. On many versions of Microsoft Money, the list of available modules on the left includes your individual accounts and favorite reports. Consequently, you can add these and have a single click to your accounts or reports.

Customizing the toolbar in Microsoft Money

You can select the items you wish to have on this menu, and easily add them to the toolbar. They will appear in the same place wherever you are in the program.

One item that is often missed is that there are a couple of views available - a 'Planning' view and an 'Investing' view. These too can be customized, and thus allow you to change the view to a different set of icons. This is especially useful if you spend a lot of time in the investing section, for example, and need to have a separate setup to allow you to navigate between information relating to this.

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