Items to review in the account register or account list - deleting a statement

If you have 'X items to review' in the account register or account list, and, even after changing the view of the account (such as to view reconciled transactions) you can't find the missing item, then it is possible you've got some corruption in the file.

Here are a list of things to try after you've made a backup of the file:
  1. Try a repair on the file - see Article 22
  2. Try going to the account list and right clicking on the statement and deleting it - this is explained in Article 263.
  3. Try clearing out your temporary internet files and then the repair option (Tools->Internet Options->General and click the 'Delete Files...' option in the 'Temporary Intenet Files' section).
  4. Try choosing the option to accept all of the transactions to read, and then removing ones from the register that you don't want.
Once you have removed the corruption or deleted the statement, you may need to download the transactions from your bank again, remembering to specify a date range (should your bank only give you transactions since the last download).

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