Display of pound or hash symbol in reports

The display of ### symbols ('hash' or 'pound') in reports is due to the column width of the report not being wide enough. These symbols are shown to indicate there is not enough room for the value (and currency symbol) to be displayed.

Money report showing # symbols due to inadequate width

In the image above, note how the amount column shows the hash or pound symbol. Also note that on text based columns, such as the Payee column, the text is truncated and has three dots after it.

Money report showing a wider column width, adequate for some values, but not others

In the second image, I have widened the column and it now shows all values except one.

Money report showing all values and no # symbols

The final view shows the column widened sufficiently to view the final value. This value also displays a currency symbol, which requires a much wider column width than most.

Notice that the color of the hash/pound symbol corresponds to the value, so I see red text for negative (spending) values and black for positive (receipt).

To change the column width, you must move your cursor so that is on the vertical line between the column headings. The cursor symbol changes to Column heading drag cursor. Click on the left mouse button and move the mouse - this will increase the width of the column to its left.

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