Money cannot locate 'C:/...' or cannot open it in Money 2005

The full message that you receive here is: 'Money cannot locate "C:/..." or cannot open it, possibly because it is a read-only file or you do not have permission to change it, or your disk drive is write protected.'

Firstly check that the error message is not telling you the truth and that the file is present. In addition, check that you can write to your disk where the Microsoft Money file (it has a .MNY extension) is located - you can do this by saving a file in the directory your Money file is. Next, check the permissions on the Money file to ensure it is not read-only and you have permissions to access it.

Assuming you have checked these, and if you have Microsoft Money 2005, the problem is fixed in version Microsoft Money should download this as an online update (see Article 269 for known fixes in this update). However, you can't get Microsoft Money to upgrade to that version because you cannot open your Money file, which would initiate the download.

What you need to do in this case, is to open the MSMoney sample file (in the Microsoft Money installation directory) or create a new file. Then Microsoft Money will be able to download the update. When it is downloaded and installed, try to open your file again. If you have problems downloading this file, see Article 204.

If you created a new file above, then you can delete it after the update has downloaded, as you only need your original Money file. Because you've updated Microsoft Money, the program might also update your Money file (if it's not been done before).

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