Money was unable to load the registration library (dll)

If you receive the error: "Money was unable to load the registration library (dll)", then this indicates your installation of Money is corrupt.

Money was unable to load the registration library (dll)

If you click 'OK', the program terminates. If you click the 'Send Error Report', it opens up a web browser and takes you to more information which says:

Details ID:
Source: 17.0

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To fix this, you should completely reinstall Microsoft Money. This means uninstalling it first from your system and then reinstalling.

This error can occur after uninstalling programs or due to compatibility issues (for example, some people using Webroot Spysweeper will experience it).


One alternative to a full installation is to fine the following two files on your Money CD, and then copy them to the hidden MNYCoreFiles folder on your hard drive: eularegn.dll and wkernlng.dll.

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