Crashes when going to the portfolio (msofd.dll)

If you're seeing these errors in the investing section and normal repairs (Article 22) don't work, you may have this problem which I had, which was a damaged investment account.

My scenario was that I changed my portfolio view, and subsequently started getting errors, such as

AppName: msmoney.exe AppVer: ModName: msofd.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0002cf9a

Restarting Money and going back to the file was okay, but it continued to crash when going to the portfolio again. I managed to get the portfolio to display again. This was done by creating a new file, going to the portfolio and changing the view to something else - and then returning to the original file. When I went back to the old file, and into the portfolio - it chose the same view as I had just changed to in the temporary new file.

However, this does not always work, so make sure you keep a copy of a good backup file, just in case. You'll still see crashes when you change the view again.

To fix this, you may be able to reset or delete the broken view. If this is not possible, or doesn't help, then you may need the Microsoft KB 272211 article instructions to repair the invesment portfolio.

Categories: Investment, Errors

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