What are the features of the UK Microsoft Money 2004 Versions

The features of Microsoft Money 2004 UK are shown below. In addition, those of Taxsaver 2003 are listed, which is only included in the Financial Suite Product. System Requirements can be found at Article 154.

Microsoft Money 2004 UK Features
Track your Current accounts, Savings, Loans, Credit Cards, Investments, Assets, Liabilities and Mortgage
Account Registers to record and view transactions
Schedule single and recurring bills & deposits
Bill Estimator
Automatically enter bills in advance of when they are due
Analyse your credit in the Credit Centre
Budget and track spending with the Budget Planner
Forecast Cash Flow
Background online banking (1)
Links to all major UK banks
Import statements from most major UK banks (2)
Easier reconciliation of downloaded transactions
Payee Rules Manager for downloaded transactions
Customisable home page
Alternative task-based home page
MSN Money Headlines on homepage
Customisable 'Choose a Task' drop down
Link to news and views from the Financial Times
35 customisable standard reports
Monthly reports
Comparison reports
Reports can be emailed or exported in several formats
Track investment performance
Download investment prices from MSN Money
Synchronise investment data with MSN Money
Set investment alerts for specific price points
Set Investment alerts for specific dates
Shared MS and MSN Money alerts
Portfolio Customisation Toolbar - Save multiple views
View your portfolio as of a specific date
Option to delete historical prices for non-owned shares
Online Investing Research Area
Calculate Capital Gains
Track and forecast growth for savings accounts
Multi-currency support, including the euro
Home Inventory
Debt Planner
Lifetime Planner
Specify and work towards your financial priorities
Information and feedback from the Expert Assistant
Illustrated manual in pdf format included on the CD
Create a Will (3)
Track Air Miles and other loyalty schemes
Create 'What if' scenarios
Wizard to convert from Quicken 5, 6, 98 and 2000 and NOW ALSO 2001, 2002 and Quicken XG
Import QIF files created by Quicken
Synchronise with Money for the Pocket PC
Export tax data compatible with TaxSaver 2003
Excel add-on to import data from Money included on the CD
TaxSaver 2003 Features (Only comes with Financial Suite)
Import data from Money into TaxSaver
File your tax return online direct to the Inland Revenue
Print tax returns on the most commonly used tax forms
Have your tax return checked for missing information and errors
Calculate your tax liability or refund
Receive 70 tax-saving tips
Calculate any payment on account for the following year
Link to more than 15 online tax calculators
Import from TaxCalc or a previous year's TaxSaver file
Enter tax details using an interview or directly on the tax return
Password protect your tax return
Comes with an illustrated manual (in PDF format)
Online help recommended by the Plain English Campaign for clarity

(1) Requires a Microsoft Passport
(2) For more details, see the list of Financial Institutions and their level of support for Money
(3) Will worksheet is suitable for England and Wales only

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