Price Downloads overwrite manual quotes in Money 2005

If you manually enter investment transactions into Microsoft Money which contain pricing information, then this price is entered into the stock price history for the particular investment. This can then be used for graphing and return calculations.

In Microsoft Money 2005, if you subsequently manually (or automatically) run an online price update, then the quote price in the history is overwritten by the automatically downloaded price from MSN Money. Any transactions, however, are unaffected.

You cannot stop the downloaded quote price from MSN Money overwriting your price history item until the price stops downloading for that day (usually the next day for stock quotes and the day after that for funds). Then you can delete the online quote (which overwrote your price). After deleting this price, go to your transaction (the one with the quote price which was overwritten) and edit it, putting in, say, some spaces after the price. On saving it, the quote is rewritten into the price history correctly.

Once it is in the history correctly, the graph which shows the buys and sells will now show correctly.

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