Viewing a Microsoft Money file without having the software

Unlike packages such as Microsoft Powerpoint, there is no such thing as a 'Microsoft Money Viewer', which would allow you to view the contents of a Microsoft Money file without owning or using the software.

If you have a file that you need to view the contents of, then you will need to use the appropriate version of Microsoft Money (a trial version should be possible). It is possible to view data a Money file using MoneyLink (Article 30) or Money for the Pocket PC (PocketPC Download Page), but these require some components of the Microsoft Money software itself to work, so can not be used on their own.

The version of Microsoft Money should be at least the same version as that the file was created in, however, it is not always possible to work that out from just the file (the latest version might open the file, but not always). In addition, you'll need to use the same country version.

Microsoft probably won't release a viewer - not much market and there are security implications.

You can find some of the Microsoft Money trial versions on the trials page on this site.

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