Can I run a Microsoft Money file over a network

A qualified 'yes', but a definite recommendation of 'no'. You can run Microsoft Money over the network (however it is not recommended due to network latency and the potential for corruption). It is not a supported configuration by Microsoft.

If you do decide to do this, make sure you have a really tight backup strategy, as this is not how Microsoft Money was designed to be run. You should never open the Microsoft Money file at the same time on two computers though.

There have been some severe reports of corruption when opening a file remotely over the network. In addition, if Microsoft Money runs on the host machine whilst you're accessing it remotely (for example you have a Pocket PC docked, and it starts a synchronization), this could also cause corruption (see also Article 148).

If you have installed the same Money software on both machines, and one of them doesn't open the file, then check that the version numbers are the same (this is especially true with Money 2005). If you're running Microsoft Money 2005, you'll need to download the update on both machines (see also Article 42).

On Simultaneous Network Access to Money Files

Russ Paul-Jones, from the MSN Money team said the following in relation to this question back in June 2001:
If the question is, do current versions of Money support simultaneous access to a single data file from multiple computers running Money, the answer is no.

If the question is does Microsoft have some nefarious policy that prevents future versions of Money supporting multiple clients, then the answer is no.

We are definitely interested in improving this.

Seriously, hitting the same Money file from different computers is probably a good way to get corrupted data files.
I think that's a good enough comment not to do it. If you are interested in using a Money file on two machines, then see Article 81.

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