Tracking a loan or mortgage in Microsoft Excel

When I had my mortgage, to help me pay it off early I didn't just rely on Microsoft Money to do that. I also used an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to allow me to test various scenarios with overpayments, underpayments or lump sums.

This spreadsheet was a modified version of the one found at the Microsoft Office Templates Site

By using Ultrasoft Moneylink (Article 30) to link my Microsoft Money file with this spreadsheet, I could have up to date information on my mortgage loan. In addition, I could modify the spreadsheet to calculate the repayments based on a fixed payment which I was making.

I have decided to put my spreadsheet onto this site so you can download and modify it to use it how you like. You can find it on the other downloads page.

The key here is not to completely rely on Microsoft Money to track your money. Although Microsoft Money can do a lot, and can produce quite a lot of different reports, there are other tools to help you manage your finances too. These additional tools help enhance the product, allowing you to test more scenarios than Microsoft Money allows you do.

This spreadsheet could be used with or without Microsoft Money, so if you're looking for one to use independently, then it is possible to use it.

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