Designing and Printing Checks for Microsoft Money & Quicken (Third Party Software)

Microsoft Money checks can be bought from a number of online and offline stores in preformatted designs. However, there is software out there which allows you to design and print your own checks for Microsoft Money (and other personal finance software).

Their marketing blurb says: "Tired of running out of checks, paying too much to get replenishment from your bank, or enduring the downtime it takes for them to send the checks to you?

Checksoft Home & Business eases this by allowing you to quickly and easily design and print your own checks, saving you up to 80% on your check related expenses, and help you manage both your personal and business finances. It allows you to design and assemble personal checkbooks. The Personal checkbook creation kit includes a checkbook, cover, register and binding strips for easy assembly.

You can select from over 100 pre-designed check templates or create your own. Enter your account and bank information. You can even create custom check templates and share the design across different accounts.

Easily add background images, graphics, logos and digital signature to checks. Personalize your account and bank information with 400 additional fonts. Adjust check design features, such as font size, position of date, check number and payee line."

Check Designer claims compatibility with:
  • Quicken 2008 and earlier
  • MS Small Business Accounting 2007 and 2008
  • MS Money Plus and earlier
  • QuickBooks Basic & Pro 2008
  • QuickBooks Online Edition
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2007 and 2008
Data can be exported from Money using QIF and imported into this tool. It also allows you to change contact information without having to reorder new checks.

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