Money is not able to load some or all of your Financial Planner Data

The full message is: "Money is not able to load some or all of your Financial Planner data. Please note the error number of this message, and the contact Microsoft Technical Support for more information. HRESULT=0x80046216"

Depending on the version of MS Money you have, you may need a particular registry fix (on the patches page below, choose the correct one for your version of Microsoft Money - they are listed as 'A file needed to run the Planner is either missing or corrupted').

The patch will delete any planning data you have in your Money file - if you're not comfortable with that, make a backup of your file first (which is recommended anyway). This is the same fix as for Article 20.

The fix can be found on my patches page.

This patch has also been reported to fix the HRESULT=0x8004621a error too.

Note that this fix does not always fix the problem - making a backup is therefore Essential

Categories: Planning, Errors

Keywords: 0x8004621a, 0x80046216, 80046216, 8004621a

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