Microsoft Money 2009 Timeline

This was a placeholder page to track the status and development of Microsoft Money 2009 This product was never released.

Information on the last ever version of Money - Microsoft Money Plus can be found at Article 405. Product information can be referenced through the product viewer.
  • I started tracking potential Money 2010 information in Article 604.
    January 1 2009

  • For Money 2006 and 2007 (US) users whose copies of Money are expiring, please see Article 563.
    August 24 2008

  • A full statement from Microsoft on Microsoft Money 2009 can be found on Article 562.
    August 6 2008

  • There will be no product released this year - see Article 561 for a comment from Microsoft PR to a newsgroup user. If you are using Money 2006 and the software is now expiring, you will need to purchase a new version through a download channel (the links on Article 561 and this page can help you).
    August 5 2008

  • There are a couple of pages on the internet which mention that regular beta testers haven't been contacted as yet. Speculation!!.....:This could imply more strongly that there will not be a product this year - if this is the case, 2007 users would need to upgrade to Money Plus if their online update service runs out. (Don't do it yet though, just in case I am wrong)
    July 30 2008

  • Still no news on any 2009 product. We are now (well) behind the schedule for last year, should a product be released.
    June 12 / July 24 2008

  • There have been quite a few page views of this page recently. It's worth noting that there has been no news on the product this year as yet.
    May 15

  • Money 2009 gets a mention on the what to expect in 2008
    January 8
If you wish to apply to become a Microsoft Beta tester for Microsoft Money, or other Microsoft Beta products, then please see Article 225. To submit a wish for a future version of Microsoft Money then see Article 10.

Note that this page is only updated when there is some public information available. Information covered under NDA will not be added.

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