Microsoft Money Plus (2008) Timeline

This is a placeholder page for tracking information relating to Microsoft (MS) Money Plus release (also known as Microsoft Money 2008).

Important Notice: Money Plus is the last ever version of Money which will be released by Microsoft
  • Microsoft have released the 'Sunset' SKU for Money Plus Deluxe. This does not require online activation. Information can be found in the article: Money Sunset SKU
    7 May 2010

  • Later this year, Microsoft will release versions of Money Plus Deluxe and Money Plus Home & Business that will not require online activation.
    6 August 2009

  • Money Plus will be available for sale until 30 June 2009 - see Article 632. Money Plus is the last ever version of Microsoft Money.
    11 June 2009

  • Money Plus will not be superceded by Money 2009 - see Article 561. Money Plus remains for another year as the most up to date version.
    6 August 2008

  • Money Plus Essentials is available in Canada - see Article 536.
    8 February 2008

  • I've added an article (Article 535) for people outside on the US or Japan on how to obtain the software through digital download.
    2 February 2008

  • The Japanese Trial for Money Plus is available - see the download trials page
    6 November 2007

  • Ultrasoft have announced that Ultrasoft Money for Windows Mobile is to be released in the next couple of days (Article 478).
    30 September 2007

  • There is no information on any other versions of Microsoft Money Plus for non-US or Japan. Canadian files have been known to convert to the US version - see Article 517
    23 September 2007

  • Ultrasoft Moneylink for Money Plus is now available. The moneylink downloads page has been updated.
    15 August 2007

  • Ultrasoft Money for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile is released as preview software (note, this is not going to be free software) - see Article 478
    10 August 2007

  • The location of the trial versions has changed, they will go live on the trials page site shortly, but they are:9 August 2007

  • Trial versions are now located on the trials page
    8 August 2007

  • Box shots are now available on the individual product pages (see the US products here). Larger ones are available on the marketing downloads page (in the product images section).
    31 July 2007

  • You can now pre-order Money Plus 2008 from July 2007

  • Features/differences between the 2008 versions have been listed on Article 499.
    30 July 2007

  • The new versions of Money are now listed at It looks like the product is being slightly rebranded, possibly to bring the online version and the boxed version closer together. The availability is stated at 27 August 2007. In addition, it looks like there could be activation for this product.

  • The system requirements for Money 2008 versions are now listed on Article 489.
    29 July 2007

  • The beta ended recently

  • The beta is still running. Unfortunately I cannot give any details of the contents of it, due to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Not a lot else appears to be happening at present - I've not seen any retail information from big stores yet.
    4 July 2007

  • The Money 2008 beta has now started.
    9 June 2007

  • I've had a few questions about the beta, and really there is nothing yet to say as Microsoft are very quiet about it this year. Note that by this time last year (Article 242), the beta was running - so this would indicate that if there is a product, it is likely to come out later than last year (ie later than 21 July) or that there potentially might not be a product or beta. My money is on a late release (perhaps into September).
    9 May 2007

  • There is currently no news to report
    23 April 2007
If you wish to apply to become a Microsoft Beta tester for Microsoft Money, or other Microsoft Beta products, then please see Article 225.

If you want to submit a wish for a future version of Microsoft Money (you're submitting for at earliest Microsoft Money 2009, maybe even Microsoft Money 2010), then see Article 10.

Note that this page is only updated when there is some public information available. Information covered under NDA will not be added.

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