Money Plus for Canada

There is no specific Canadian version of Money Plus (Deluxe or Premium) produced. In previous years, the Canadian product has come out at about the same time as the US product. As Money has been dropped in the US, it is now very unlikely. However, Microsoft did release Money Plus Essentials in Canada (Article 536).

Using a US version?

When putting the search term 'Canada' in Money Plus, an entry is returned, entitled: 'Change Money from U.S. to Canadian settings' - which perhaps means it is the desired version for Canadian users.

It also says: "It is possible that Money will display some United States content (such as information on U.S. taxes) when the Canadian dollar is set as the base currency. If this happens, try changing the Country/Region setting to United States, and then back to Canada again." - which implies that something in the product changes if you have Canadian Dollar set as the base currency (to change the base currency, see Article 337).

These imply that Canadian users might be able to use the US version.

You may be limited to getting the product through download (stockists such as Amazon USA may not sell it to you directly, and Amazon Canada doesn't appear to stock it, and Microsoft are stopping providing boxed copies (Article 562)), but see Article 535 for help on getting the software. Reports indicate that the trial of Money Plus (see the trials page) converts your file, so you'll be able to get the software through this source.

I have had many reports that conversion of a Canadian file with Money Plus (US) works, although I recommend trying the trial version first, so you can check whether it works on your particular file.

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