Obtaining historical stock and investment prices

The default amount of price history you get when setting up a new investment in Money is 6 months of daily or weekly prices.

You may wish to have more, due to wanting to track history of the investment, but it is not simple to determine how to do this.

You can do it by following the steps below:
  • In the Porfolio, change the As Of date to some date in the past (e.g. 12/7/2004)
  • Money will then get some spot historical data (not daily, but the data needed to calculate the return on investment(e.g. the 3 year ROI).
  • If it doesn't do it automatically, then use Update Prices - Update Prices Now, to initiate the download.
Thanks to Mark from the microsoft.public.money newsgroup for this solution

Category: Investment

Keywords: history, stock price