Moving the Microsoft Money (MNY) file

If you need to move the directory where you've been using a Microsoft Money file, then this is a really easy task to complete.

You may have previously used a Money file (MNY) in a directory such as the Microsoft Money installation directory. Putting it with your other files (for example in 'My Documents') is a far more sensible location, as then it can be easily managed with your existing backup policy (you do have one, don't you?? - Article 199).

To move the file, close Microsoft Money and detach any Pocket PC which has Money for the Pocket PC installed (and is running), so that the lock file (LRD) file in the 'old' directory disappears.

Once the lock file has gone, move the MNY file to the new directory location. If you need to find the Money file, then see Article 324.

To get Microsoft Money to open that file next time, the easiest solution is to double click the file to open Microsoft Money. The next time Microsoft Money starts, it will use the moved file location.

Note that if you use Moneylink (Article 30) or Money for the Pocket PC, then you will need to update the location of the Microsoft Money file, so that these continue to operate smoothly.

This article applies to all versions, products and localizations of Microsoft Money.

Category: FileManagement

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