Financial institution is missing from the bank list

The list of banks or financial institutions contains a number of banks and other institutions, depending on the country version of Money that you have. The US versions have the most, mainly because of the account aggregation services that Yodlee and CashEdge provide.

However, when you set up a new account, sometimes the list doesn't contain the financial institution you want - and this is especially true in non-US versions.

Even though the institution is not listed, this doesn't mean you can't set up the account. To set up an account without it being listed in the bank list, you should just click on the option 'My bank or brokerage is not listed' at the bottom of the account setup page - after clicking this, you can continue the setup.

Once you've set it up, you can still use it as an 'online' account. However, you will need to manually download statements from the financial institution, rather than expect Microsoft Money to go and get the statement for you (one way banking, see Article 235). It is recommended that you download as OFX if available in these circumstances.

Category: Online

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