Default Category List of the United Kingdom Money 2005 Versions

The categories of the UK 2005 versions are listed in the table below. This category list is extracted directly from a new file. Money allows you to create your own categories, so don't regard this as a list of the only categories you can use. You cannot create new category groups (see FAQ Article 69). This list is tailored to the United Kingdom, and so other versions of Money 2005 will have a different set of default categories.

Expense Categories
Category Subcategory Category Group
Bank Charges   Bank Charges
  Interest Bank Charges
  Service Charge Bank Charges
Bills   Bills
  Cable/Satellite Television Bills
  Coal/Solid Fuel Bills
  Council Tax Bills
  Electricity Bills
  Gas/Heating Bills
  Membership Fees Entertainment
  Rent Bills
  Telephone Bills
  TV License Fee Bills
  Water & Sewerage Bills
Car   Car Expenses
  Accessories Car Expenses
  Breakdown Cover Car Expenses
  Car Maintenance Car Expenses
  Car Payment Car Expenses
  Insurance Car Expenses
  Parking Car Expenses
  Petrol/Diesel Car Expenses
  Road Tax Car Expenses
  Road Tolls Car Expenses
Childcare   Childcare Expenses
  Child Support Childcare Expenses
  Nursery Childcare Expenses
Clothing   Clothing Expenses
  Accessories Clothing Expenses
  Clothes Clothing Expenses
  Footwear Clothing Expenses
Computer   Computer Expenses
  Consumables Computer Expenses
  Hardware Computer Expenses
  Manuals Computer Expenses
  Online/Internet Service Computer Expenses
  Software Computer Expenses
Education   Education
  Books Education
  Fees Education
  Tuition Education
  Uniform Education
Food   Grocery Costs
  Groceries Grocery Costs
  Off-Licence Grocery Costs
  Snacks Grocery Costs
Healthcare   Medical/Dental Expenses
  Alternative Medical/Dental Expenses
  Dental Medical/Dental Expenses
  Doctor Medical/Dental Expenses
  Eyecare Medical/Dental Expenses
  Hospital Medical/Dental Expenses
  Medicine Medical/Dental Expenses
Holidays   Entertainment
  Accommodation Entertainment
  Car Hire Entertainment
  Excursions Entertainment
  Miscellaneous Entertainment
  Package Entertainment
  Travel Entertainment
  Travel Insurance Insurance
Household   Household Expenses
  Appliances Household Expenses
  Audio Visual Household Expenses
  Cleaning Household Expenses
  Furnishings Household Expenses
  Garden Household Expenses
  Kitchenware Household Expenses
  Maintenance Household Expenses
  Security Household Expenses
  Tools Household Expenses
Insurance   Insurance
  Home & Contents Insurance
  Life Insurance
  Medical Insurance
  Pet Insurance
Job Expense   Other Expenses
  Non-Reimbursed Other Expenses
  Reimbursed Other Expenses
Leisure & Entertainment   Entertainment
  Books Entertainment
  CDs & DVDs Entertainment
  Cultural Events Entertainment
  Dining out/Take Away Entertainment
  Entertaining Entertainment
  Gadgets Entertainment
  Lottery/Pools Entertainment
  Mobile Phone Entertainment
  Movies & Video Rentals Entertainment
  Newspapers & Magazines Entertainment
  Outdoor Pursuits Entertainment
  Photography Entertainment
  Socialising Entertainment
  Sporting Events Entertainment
  Sports Goods Entertainment
  Toys & Games Entertainment
Loan   Loans
  Loan Interest Loans
  Mortgage Interest Loans
  Mortgage Payment Loans
  Other Loan Payment Loans
  Student Loan Interest Loans
  Student Loan Payment Loans
Miscellaneous   Other Expenses
  Cash Withdrawal Other Expenses
  Charitable Donations Other Expenses
  Gifts Other Expenses
Pension   Pension Contribution
  Personal Pension Payments Pension Contribution
  Retirement Annuity Payments Pension Contribution
Personal Care   Other Expenses
  Hairdressers Other Expenses
  Health Club Other Expenses
  Products Other Expenses
  Salon Other Expenses
Pet Care   Other Expenses
  Food Other Expenses
  Supplies Other Expenses
  Veterinarian Other Expenses
Taxes   Taxes
  Income Tax Taxes
  Income Tax-Previous Year Taxes
  National Insurance Contributions Taxes
  Other Taxes Taxes
Transport   Travel Expenses
  Buses Travel Expenses
  Taxis Travel Expenses
  Trains Travel Expenses
Income Categories
Category Subcategory Category Group
Investment Income   Periodic Income
  Bank Interest Periodic Income
  Capital Gains Periodic Income
  Dividends Periodic Income
  Tax-Exempt Interest Periodic Income
Other Income   Other Income
  Child Support Received Other Income
  Child Tax Credit Other Income
  Employee Share Option Periodic Income
  Gifts Received Other Income
  Loan Principal Received Other Income
  Lottery/Premium Bond Prizes Other Income
  Tax Refund Other Income
  Unemployment Benefit Other Income
  Working Tax Credit Other Income
Retirement Income   Pension Income
  Pension Distributions Pension Income
  Pensions & Annuities Pension Income
  State Pension Benefits Pension Income
Wages & Salary   Salary Income
  Bonus Periodic Income
  Commission Periodic Income
  Employer Pension Contributions Periodic Income
  Gross Pay Salary Income
  Net Pay Salary Income
  Overtime Periodic Income

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