NatWest bank downloads fail in Money 2005 UK

You shouldn't normally see this in UK versions of Microsoft Money 2005. However if your Natwest bank downloads do fail, then first check if you have build 730 by selecting Help->About on the menu bar. If you have this (you'll have a version number of, then you need the update to 2005. This update will bring you version

The update should automatically download when you connect online, so connect and wait for it to download. Once downloaded, restart Money.

If you have problems downloading this update, then see Article 204.

If you are prompted to open the OFX file when downloading from NatWest, then opening the file is fine - Microsoft Money should pick it up. Note that this is a change in behaviour from earlier versions of the NatWest online service, as it didn't force you to confirm the download with a windows dialog box previously.

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