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A bank statement downloads into the wrong account
A deleted account still shows in reports
A DLL is linked to missing export mfc42.dll
A file needed to run the Planner is either missing or corrupted
A quick walkthrough of downloading an OFX statement and importing it
A transfer from a checking or current account to a savings account is not in the budget
A user's conversion from Intuit Quicken to Microsoft Money
Abbreviations in Microsoft Money
About the Microsoft Money Product
About the site author
About this site (
Account balances in Microsoft Money
Account security on the Pocket PC Home Page
Account selection in the cash flow forecast
Account setup is temporarily unavailable - Merging Accounts
Accounting for tax relief in UK Personal Pension Contributions
Activating Money Plus by Telephone or Email
Activating Ultrasoft Money for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile
ActiveDsk.dll errors with Windows Vista and Mobile Devices
ActiveSync reports that one item is not synchronized
Adding a new Currency in Microsoft Money 2005 and later
Adding a purchase with cashback
Adding home inventory asset types
Adding or using miles or points in frequent flyer transactions
Additional fix for repeated download problems with installing Money SP1
Additional troubleshooting for Live ID/Passport login issues with Microsoft Money
Advisor FYI and Expert Assistant message types
ALC<402> Error
Alternatives to Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC
An alternative of making Money 2005 with the 1105 patch
Analyzing OFX files
Appreciation and Depreciation of Assets
Archiving Microsoft Money Data Files
Associating QFX statements with Money
Attention Required Message on ActiveSync
Audio and Video Files for Microsoft Money 2004
Automatic entry of bills/deposits days in advance limit
autoupdate.dll crashes in Money 2006 and 2007


Backdating a loan or mortgage account
Background banking, OFX, OFC and QIF
Backing up your Microsoft (MS) Money file
Backups in Microsoft Money 2006
Balancing a Microsoft Money account against a paper statement
Balancing Cash Accounts
Bank statements will only save to disk, and cannot be opened directly in Money.
BASE currency in Microsoft Money
Bill Removal Tool in Microsoft Money 2007 and Plus
Bills Insight
Bond handling in Microsoft Money 2000 onwards
Broken records in the BGT_ITM table
Browser shortcuts in Microsoft Money
Budget planner errors in Microsoft Money 2002
Bug in selecting shortcut key for Change Transaction Types
Business calculations in Microsoft Money


Can I connect to a bank in another country with my version of Money
Can I include Business Categories in the Budget
Can I install my version of Microsoft Money on more than one computer
Can I run a Microsoft Money file over a network
Can I run Microsoft Money on the Xbox and Xbox 360
Can I run two versions of the same product together
Can I scan in receipts into my Microsoft Money file
Can I upgrade X Money version to Y Money version
Can two users use a single file simultaneously
Canadian Microsoft Money 2007
Canadian SKUs for Microsoft Money
Cannot display the End User Licence Agreement
Cash Flow chart in Microsoft Money 2005 and 2006 Standard
Cash flow forecast chart does not display
Cash Flow Insight
Cash flow scenarios or 'What-ifs'
CD versions of Money do not automatically update to Money Plus SP1
Change the default installation location of Money 2005 and later
Changes in the July 2007 Online Update
Changing a budget amount for previous months
Changing a single occurrence of a bill or deposit
Changing an investment from one type to another
Changing from Essential to Advanced Bills, and vice versa
Changing or merging category names in the Microsoft Money file
Changing sounds in Microsoft Money
Changing the balloon amount on a loan
Changing the budget period or budget start date
Changing the cash flow from 'trended' to 'budget' items.
Changing the interest rate for a credit card
Changing the portfolio view date
Changing the startup page
Circumstances of a Money update
Column headings in the Account Register
Columns available for Investment Information in the Portfolio Views
Combining a Microsoft Money file with Money for the Pocket PC
Commentary on the "Money is already running" or "Money won't quit" problem
Commercial alternatives to Microsoft Money
Completely Removing Microsoft Money from your system
Consolidating Loan or Mortgage accounts into a single payment
Constant requests to download Service Pack for Money 2007 in Vista
Constant requests to update Money Plus SP1 on Windows XP SP2
Converting from Excel to OFX
Converting from Intuit Quicken 98 to Microsoft Money 2004 and later
Converting Microsoft Money 98 or 99 to Money 2006
Converting Microsoft Money data to Intuit Quicken
Coping with bank clearing/delayed availability of funds
Cost basis in foreign investments
Crashes when going to the portfolio (msofd.dll)
Creating a new account in Money for the Pocket PC
Creating a new Microsoft Money file from a Pocket PC file
Creating a recurring bill or deposit
Creating a self contained installation of Money 2005 with the 1105 patch
Creating a Will using the Will Maker Worksheet
Creating classifications in Microsoft Money
Creating Multiple Investments with same stock or fund symbol
Creating recurring invoices
Creating web site favorites
Credit card payments are recorded as transfers
Credit Limit for credit cards in Money Standard
Currencies in Microsoft Money 2004
Currencies in Microsoft Money 2005
Currencies in Microsoft Money 2006
Currencies in Microsoft Money 2007
Currencies in Microsoft Money Plus (2008)
Currency exchange rates
Current account, offset and all-in-one mortgages
Custom Currencies are not supported after Quicken Conversion
Custom Invoices are not visible in Microsoft Money 2005 Business (US)
Customizing net worth over time reports to show daily amounts
Customizing the Microsoft Money home page (Money 2005 and later)
Customizing the portfolio view to show more decimal places in prices
Customizing the Toolbar


Date and number format in Money
Date field keyboard shortcuts in transaction forms
Dates on downloaded transactions overwrite previously entered dates
Day to Day accounts option in Cash Flow Forecast
Default Categories in the Microsoft Money US 2007 Version
Default Categories in the US 2008 (Money Plus) Versions
Default Invoice not saved in Money 2005 Deluxe and Business (US)
Deleting all data in Money for the Pocket PC
Deleting an imported OFX bank statement
Deleting an investment in Microsoft Money
DEP Interferes with the running of Money Plus
Designing and Printing Checks for Microsoft Money & Quicken (Third Party Software)
Difference between closing and deleting accounts
Differences between advanced and essential accounts
Digita TaxSaver Deluxe - 2004/5 tax year
Digital River Extended Download Service
Display of pound or hash symbol in reports
Dividend categories
Does Microsoft Money run on Windows Vista
Downloaded date on the account register
Downloaded transactions are automatically added to the account register
Downloading a retail version of Microsoft Money (US)
Downloading into Loan or Mortgage accounts
Downloading statement data results in information in the Memo field


Editing or creating category groups
Enabling and using VAT or GST
Enabling sounds in MS Money 2005
Entering a monthly budget item that doesn't occur every month
Entering a transaction in the 'wrong' currency for an account
Entering Principal Only payments for a loan or mortgage
Error 1606: Could Not Access Network Location
Error C000008E MS Money and "remainder" shares
Errors in the Microsoft Money Data File
Euro Exchange Rate Patch
Expired Online Services
Exporting and importing a loan account
Exporting Financial Statements in MSN Money to Excel
Exporting Payee Information from your Money file
Exporting to Intuit QuickBooks


Feature sets of Microsoft Money versions
Features Comparison of the Microsoft Money 2000 Italian Versions
Features Comparison of the Microsoft Money 2005 French Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2000 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2001 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2002 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2003 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2004 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2005 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2006 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2007 US Versions
Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money Plus (Money 2008) US Versions
February 29 Payto Bug
February 29 Reporting Bug
February Budget Bug
File extensions used with Microsoft Money
Financial institution is missing from the bank list
Find (Search) and Replace in Money
French SKUs for Microsoft Money
FTSE or other Exchange Indices in Microsoft Money 2001 or earlier don't update
Full Money 2009 Announcement
Future of this website


General FAQ on the discontinuation of Microsoft Money

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