Creating a new account in Money for the Pocket PC

Only a limited number of types of account can be generated on a pocket pc. The client only has limited functionality, and these accounts are the only ones which could be synchronized back to the Microsoft Money desktop.

The accounts you can create are: Cash, Checking, Credit Card, Line of Credit and Savings. On some versions, these may be Bank, Cash, Credit Card and Line of Credit. This is because the Checking and Savings accounts are reclassified as 'Bank' instead, as they are handled in the same way.

To create the account, start the Money client and go to the Account Manager by selecting the drop down list under the window title.

Click 'New' and you will see a screen similar to the one below (which is for an early version of the software) which allows you to enter the account name, type, balance, credit limit (if applicable) and the interest rate. You can also choose whether or not you wish to display the account details on the Pocket PC Today Screen.

Create account screen for Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC

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