Automatic entry of bills/deposits days in advance limit

There is a limit of 31 days in advance that a scheduled bill or deposit can be automatically entered in Money. That is where, when starting Money for the first time on a particular day, it looks through the bills/deposits list and enters transactions into the account registers in advance for you.

This is not changeable by any setting I can find in the program or the registry. However, there is nothing to stop you manually entering the bill/deposit entry even further in advance if you need a greater time period.

The setting in question is found when you edit a recurring bill or deposit on the window shown below:

view of recurring bill or deposit days in advance entry

Note that if you change this setting, and the new setting would mean that the automatic entry should be done today or earlier, Microsoft Money will not actually enter the scheduled bill or deposit until you start Money again the next day. Money will also not enter it if you clock rolls into a new day at midnight - you need to restart Money.

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