ActiveDsk.dll errors with Windows Vista and Mobile Devices

After upgrading to Windows Vista, some users have had problems using their Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) devices with Money for the Pocket PC (this excludes Windows Mobile 5.0 devices - see Article 219).

This problem is sometimes highlighted with an error saying that "ActiveDsk.dll" cannot be registered. No amount of manual attempts to register it works.

The problem has been reported with Money for the Pocket PC versions 2002 and 2005, although it is likely to occur on other versions of the mobile device software too.

At least one user has managed to get it working by following the (long 27 step) procedure on Article 485, which explains how to build the registry up to work with the mobile device. Depending on the version of Money you are using, you will need to modify step 14 which specifies the location of the ActiveDsk.dll for the registry.

This fix is not recommended if you don't know what you are doing in editing the registry.

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