Attention Required Message on ActiveSync

If you see a message saying 'Attention required' in your ActiveSync window, and this is on the Microsoft Money line, then the data from your desktop installation of Microsoft Money will not be synchronizing with the data in Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC.

There are many reasons why you might see this. I had it once, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't solve it. Eventually I ran a repair (Article 22) on the Microsoft Money file on the desktop and it then worked. If you have this message, try the repair first and see whether it makes a difference for you.

Other causes of this problem include the following:
  1. ActiveSync not being able to find the Money file - you could try changing the name of the data file to check this (Select Microsoft Money, then choose Options->Settings. The name of the data file is at the top of the displayed window.)
  2. The version of Money for the Pocket PC is not consistent with the version of desktop Money - i.e. If you have Microsoft Money 2006 on the desktop, you need Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC 2006 on the device.
  3. The installation of Money for the Pocket PC is on an expansion card (such as an SD Card) and not in the device's main memory - if so, uninstall it and then install it into main memory.
  4. You're using Windows 98 Second Edition (SE). You will need to use a later version of Windows for the synchronization to work (applicable to Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC 2004 and later).
Check also that if you had a previous version of Money for the Pocket PC installed, you have removed it before installing the later version.

If you try synchronizing against the sample file, you will get some indication of whether this is a file or installation issue. However, don't do this if there is any data you need to keep in Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC on the Pocket PC device itself.

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